pretty epic day last week, sun was out and the wind stayed offshore nearly all day, yew!!!!
sully hacking in amongst the tunnel riding prowess of papa down


last roll of film from the trip 35 travelled across a few different countries giving some pretty random shots when i finally got it developed

three amigos

Some old shots from a Nikon FE 35mm
John Gill - Sean Finelley - Carlos Gonsalves

Sophie + Matt

Just last weekend, I took some photos for Matt and Sophie on their wedding day. With only limited experience shooting weddings as an assistant photographer, they were kind enough to let me do the whole day on my own. They were both super easy to photograph and I had an absolute blast at what was easily the nicest wedding I have seen. These are just a couple of the shots from the day. Pretty happy with the results!

Mr. Oldfield

Doing it right: walk to trim, walk to turn

czech please

So we went to an amazing beer hall in Prague one day and decided that anything they offered us we would say yes to, just for the experience. Turns out that they're throwing drinks at you before you've even had time to sit down. There's no choice of what drink you may want, its either a thick black beer or some special Czech shot made from herbs. I have no idea what either one was but both were super strong, and they just kept coming. The end result was a pretty expensive lunch, three very drunk backpackers, broken sunnies, and a roll of film that i don't remember shooting at all. However I'm pretty sure a great time was had by all!


throw your hands up in the air...


Wylie Gill - carving the bowl, rock to fakie and a 50-50 drop in that didn't quite come off the way he hoped...
Wylie's only 9 years old and rips in the skatepark!


For my 100th post ive pulled out some old photos of the boards i learned to surf on that i took on my first roll of film i shot on my mums old Nikon FE SLR. such good boards and an amazing camera!

get tunnelled!

Every now and then my nana likes to check out my photos and has a chat with me about surfing. She gets super excited about big hollow waves and likes to call them tunnels. She's got the best surf lingo going round!

This video has nothing to do with my Nana, but showcases the incredible surfing and filming capabilities of my buddy Kerry. He gets tunnelled deeper, longer and more often than anyone I've ever seen! Check it out! More of his handy work here


my buddy Kayne just scored himself a new camera ticking off one of the many toys on his wishlist. check out his page here to see how hes been using it.
thats me, we scored some killer little waves yesterday arvo!!!


Some of my favourite spots - Paris, Bologna, Terrigal and Byron Bay


Couple of shots i got on my Holga 120cfn at a bike polo night a couple of weeks ago.

This is Johnny Gill and his cycle.


had some seriously good (and painful) times on the trampoline way back when
so simple but so fun


Some of the best skate photography you'll ever see here courtesy of Hugh Holland


got some killer waves last week!



olympus trip 35

My friend Thomas gave me a new camera for my birthday earlier this year. I love it. That's him looking fresh from 30 hours of China Eastern bliss and some shots from these cool little markets we went to in Berlin.