the little fig

The Little Fig will be selling some good looking stuff very soon. keep an eye out


effortless tip control

wave of the day

unfortunately went to a kneeboarder who felt the need to kook it up big time. wasted perfection


Critical Slider getting his daily fix


Sargeant Stockwell:
a ruggedly masculine and incredibly good looking man. by night he wins the hearts of many a young lass putting out fires and saving lives. by day he goes in search of waves and then rips them to shreds. watch out for him dominating your local soon


another one of annabelle kay singing sweet sweet lovesongs


T byrne has laybacks down to a T


kerry down likes barrells. just one of about eighty six he made this day


the bishop doing his thing in the late afternoon glow


nothing but style. skiddies in the carpark

Local Inspirations

Nathan Oldfield. If you've seen Seaworthy you'll already love this guy. Probably one of the most genuinely nice and laid back people I've ever met. He makes beautiful videos and photos along with surfing and shaping some very stylish surfcraft

do yourself a favour...

check out Annabelle Kay. extremely talented singer/songwriter. do it now and you'll be able to say u knew her before she blew up

Local Inspirations

Johnny Gill. The man behind Keyo Surfboards. He rips on absolutely anything - logs, fishes, skateboards, fixies. The kind of dude you hope to be half as good as when you grow up.


K Down getting aggressive


hang time from the special sauce


perfectly poised on The Black Shiraz. Terry Byrne


Sean Finnelley with a tip of the hat to welcome us into the blogging world