you sound like your from london!

last week was london time. the bill, ridiculous amounts of tourists, giant fixies and tubes.
And food poisoning - dont eat the sushi!


getting pretty good at waiting and sleeping in all kinds of places from these travels. you definitely learn to be patient when travelling as cheap as possible


ventured to amsterdam to watch the world cup final last week. unfortunately the dutchmen did not win the football, but amsterdam certainly gave some ofus a beating.

lack of posts

So im currently doing the backpacking thing in Europe where i do not have a computer and havent yet come across any surf, hence the lack of posts. Here's a couple of little snaps from Paris the other day


johnny swinging round the old log


dragging his fingertips across the glass


New favourite blog!
I used to see this gentleman around the traps from time to time through a mutual friend. Havent seen him and his glorious moustache for quite a while now but I randomly stumbled across his blog today. He's got some killer pictures and little videos on there. Check out some of Alan's work here