I'm pretty sure anyone who is plugged into the blogging world so far as to have stumbled across my little space of the web, would already know about this one. But nevertheless this is the first blog I ever came across that really blew me away and I've been checking it weekly ever since. Absolutely love it!

Check it out if you haven't already:

pan o rama


Couple of shots from last year in Sumatra. Conditions are ideal, water temperature averaging 75 degrees, the air temperature, 75 degrees. Heres Tommy Carroll getting a nice ride, Johno doing the ultimate thing in surfing getting fully covered up by the wave and Perth Standlick showing hes got it wired with some really hot angles.


Got to borrow a Lomo Diana in berlin and take a few snaps. pretty fun little cameras. these ones are from some funky redscale film.


havent taken any surfing pics for a while now. got this one the other day. i like flowers


such a lovely, natural enclosure for this creature...


just hanging out at the tower one night


Johnny Gill rips.

new 35mm

Zandvoort. Home to the worlds biggest seagulls


this lovely couple joined us for lunch one day

more of the family

This is my sister. I recently got to hang out with her in a few different places in Europe and had a blast doing so.


Since as long ago as i can remember i have been going to visit my grandparents at their awesome house at 121 Chetwynd road. Always decorated with different artworks, plates and clever writings taken from different parts of the world and Australia, or made in house by my talented Nana and Pop. They have recently had to move to Brisbane due to the health troubles that growing older unfortunately brings. It saddens me knowing that my days of visiting them in this happy house are now over, but I am very stoked to have gotten a few pictures of this amazing couple at home, still so in love after so many years.


Thomas Stockwell recently made the pilgrimage back to the town his ancestors once discovered and settled back in 1572. Obviously he was thrilled by the experience...

facial fuzz

Once upon a time the majority of men sported some form of glorious fur on their face. It was what society expected and was considered masculine and beautiful. For some reason this is not the case anymore with many people expressing a strong distaste towards the beard and moustache. In my opinion facial hair is awesome! Beards and moustaches always impress me and will always be stylish, not just in November. Here are a couple of handsome European men sporting some excellent examples of facial hair.