olympus trip 35

My friend Thomas gave me a new camera for my birthday earlier this year. I love it. That's him looking fresh from 30 hours of China Eastern bliss and some shots from these cool little markets we went to in Berlin.

days of our lives

Can a weekend get any better?
Perfect little peelers with an array of boards to choose from, hanging in the van when the wind comes up, birthday celebrations all night and sleeping in the car park of your favourite point break to wake up and do it all again. Happy days!

Fun Fun Fun

Ettalong Bike Polo Club from ben conquest on Vimeo.

Bike Polo is the tits. Grab a bike n come play!!!!


I have never met Shaun Freeman, but i dig his style. Hes got some killer photos and vid on his blog http://leftinvacancy.blogspot.com/


bert and ernie

big blue

Oldy hooking into a sick little one.


motion picture

Finally decided to use my cameras HD video mode. This is Terry Byrne and some serious onshore winds.

fix it



These are a few really old photos i shot on an early 1980's Nikon SLR. MY favourite camera I've ever owned which is now unfortunately broken. One day it will be back in action!!!

crescent moon

A lot of surfers run up to the nose. A lot run up and right off the end. Lance usually stays around for awhile. He's so relaxed up there you get the feeling he could have a ham sandwich while he's waiting around

the dog pit

Kirra vs. Diesel in a bit of lounge room dog wrestling. Sorry Aunt Tina....


I've been sleeping in the back of my van up the coast for the last week or so visiting family and scoring some killer waves. There's not much that can top waking up to a golden sunrise beaming in the back window and super fun little logging waves!