"All you need is love, love is all you need."  - J. Lennon


Kerry and Jackie sealed the deal this past weekend with an amazing wedding on the beach. I had an absolute blast. Super stoked to be able to share the day with them!

tube time

Everyone loves a tasty barrel!

6'6 single

I finished sanding this 6'6 single fin today.  Its the first board I have made and I am so super stoked with it!  A massive thank you to Mr Frost at Sealegged who made it possible and guided me the whole way through the process with his expert knowledge.

Can't wait to get it in the water!!!!

The Cove

The most emotional, scary and moving film I think I have ever seen. Its impossible not to be touched and disgusted by the graphic images. We all need to do our part on this one.
frame grab - kai

rail grab

old mal specialist kai

got milk?

Millk pricing enthusiast terrence byrne.

whos your daddy

new pinhole experiments with sonny and kerrence

petal power

Do yourself and the environment a favour. Ride a bike!!


epic surf flick here. watch out for batman shuffling back to meet the curl!

ocean view dr

sunset in my backyard - looking through a hole in a box

davis st

panoramic pinhole experiments.
L to R - johnny, Wylie E. Coyote, jimbo, Eric, Van, Anna and Ginger.

home sweet home

This bank was epic over the last couple of weeks. So much fun!