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new website is up and running. we have officially gone global, intergallactical if you will!

its plain and simple, its black and white, its photos of love and surf, and a bunch of other stuff too.

take a sneaky peek for yourself!

if your getting married or just in love or going surfing or doing anything at all or maybe just want your picture taken. telephone me


Not much in the way of surfing posts lately. Been busy working on a new website that should be up and running very soon. Hopefully by the end of the week! Super dooper excited! Keep your eyes and ears peeled...

light leaks

a book shop.

my mother's hog.

everyones a winner!!!!

not the friendliest carny I've ever met...

car·ny also car·ney
n. pl. car·nies also car·neys Informal
1. A traveling amusement show; a carnival.
2. One who works with a carnival.
3. Austin Powers: "Circus folk. Nomads you know. Smell like cabbage. Small hands"

welcome back cotter

fresh off the boat from european vacation, my sister is homeless and unemployed. but look how stoked she is to be living the dream of being roomy no. 3 at the beach house and cooking me dinner! home made knocky knees, frothing!!!!

roll in

get your carve on!
or do airs and show all the older guys up