retro kook

I have no idea what a "retro kook" is, but this dude claims to be one...


WTF from ben conquest on Vimeo.

threw together a quick little clip for my buddy Wylie

three pennys - too easy!!

the cat sat on the mat

what better way to spend a friday night then to dress in black, paint your face like a cat and go exploring. you can do anything when your a cat.
even climb walls

game on

bike polo sunday afternoon. be there or be square

creepy uncle

This is my Uncle, Paul. Up top is an original shot of him back in the day, shredding up the driveway with nothing but style.
The bottom shot is from Christmas last year, taken with a 35mm action sampler. Loving the imperfections you get between each frame.


Ettalong Bike Polo Club is now online. Check it out and come play with us.
Tell your friends!!!


sharing waves and bodysurfing.
two of the funnest ways to enjoy the ocean, showcased here by your friendly neighbourhood firemen, tom and kerry

rad i cool

forget krunk or whatever the kids are calling it these days. this is pretty much the epitomy of dancing!

Radiohead - Lotus Flower .