Shot this one a couple of months ago on an Eos 5 that Kerrence let me borrow for a while.  Was a pretty solid swell and no one at all was out.  Someone actually called 000 because they thought I was drowning out there!

Red Rocket

The Red Rocket laden with a heavy cargo of fixed Jim Bundy's


Keyo Surfboards from ben conquest on Vimeo.

This is a short little promo I made with Johnny Gill for Keyo Surfboards. Hope you like it.
More to come soon!!!

Check out the Keyo site here

half frame happiness

My sister just sent me a bunch of photos and I dig them! She has a big backlog of rolls of film from her overseas stint last year and is slowly getting them all processed. I am thinking they are coming out really really nice. Stoked for her!


Been surfing here a bit lately. Heaps of fun!
This is Nathan Oldfield swinging his blue log into a little peeler

fixed gear fun

bike polo on the weekend was super dooper fun. more images here

last week

Got super fun waves at this little pointbreak last weekend. It's easily one of my favourite spots to surf at - I always feel like I am so far away from everything with so much natural beauty to sit and stare at.
Amongst the trees you can see David Platt getting his trim on, and heading up to the nose. Im hoping to get him to restore an old Farrelly single fin of mine. check his handy work.


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a Polaroid camera in nearly perfect condition. I tried it out with some silver shade film i got from the Impossible Project. Unfortunately its pretty expensive, so I was pretty bummed when the first few shots didn't turn out quite like I was hoping. Still fun though!

a girl can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick

Teamed up with my lovely girlfriend (click here) the other day to shoot a photo story for a project she is currently working on. After what feels like weeks of non stop rain, we managed to score about an hour or so of perfect sunshine at the ocean baths to shoot this and I am pretty stoked with the pictures we made.