film burning at grandmas front gate


local reef doing its thing on a very south day


here we see kerry down doing a nice little air.

on this page you will see a picture a of a little girl giggling at a hippopotamus . i wonder why?
well maybe not, but definitely some other radicalness as kerry takes some very pretty pictures for his black and white life blog


afternoon glow
this world, it is not safe
we must make plans to leave this place
we'll start a colony on nearby planets known to me


throw your hands up in the air...


another carving manouvre from Mr. Back

Mr T

This is Thomas Stockwell. He does lots of stuff like surfing, bike polo-ing, handing out free moustache rides and posing on the hood of some pretty rad cars. He also makes some sick little videos and photos. Check it out!


bicycle swap meet through the eyes of a matchbox camera

surfing the green wave

Rapanui Clothing are a new brand from Isle of Wight in the UK. Not only do they have some gnarly threads but they're doing it all the right way, letting you trace the clothes from the shelf right back to where the cotton tree grew. So you know there's no sweatshops or child labor involved. awesome!

Mr Down

the start of something wonderful


walk the plank!


lefthand shack


boogie picking tube


Brendan Back-hand whack