hair and beauty

I took some photos of Michelle and her lovely team from Hair and Beauty Central this week. The shoot was heaps of fun and made for some pretty nice photos I think.
Just a small sample.

all time

Last week's waves were epic! Hope you scored plenty of good ones.
Heres a little taste of what was happening right in my very backyard.


I love water, especially when it makes waves. So interesting to look at, well for me anyways.
Shot these last week or so. Turns out its really hard to shoot in the water when you don't have a housing. Hot tip: watch out for backwash! Came very close to soaking my camera quite a few times

get out of the water

kdown shitting himself. what is that????


mo he toe from ben conquest on Vimeo.

my sexy lady friend had a birthday recently. we made lots of cocktails and swam in the pool and danced the night away.

it was awesome

face with no name

started a portrait project recently taking portraits of total strangers. and some not so strange as well.
pretty fun. looking forward to getting lots more shots

crazy cat lady

when my crazy girlfriend finds some spare time from washing her seventeen cats and old granny undies down at the river, she puts together some pretty cool drawings, photos and paintings.